Command Q

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A genius level of musical dexterity set in a scene that usually depicts the artist on stage, rocking a set of DJ decks and a USB to match. This show is quite unlike any other, a party filled to the brim with drums, vocals and stage antics. Front man and song writer Shaun Offbeat and DJ Lou Harvey come together as Command Q.

After creating a dent in the electronic world, pioneering a new sound and becoming recognised at the top of the food chain for production skills, Shaun and Lou have proudly announced they will no longer DJ and the music they love has shifted. Having just finished their final tour together, Shaun & Lou, have set to part ways.

Secretly hidden away in Shaun’s hill side studio he has been busy creating his next biggest works. Over the years they’ve been represented by the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, Alison Wonderland and so many other big artists and cannot wait to show the world what they have in store for 2017 and 2018.

“In my humble opinion, this change is the best thing I’ve ever done and I’ve never seen people connect so deeply to my music before. It’s no longer about the party but something more intimate and special” says Shaun. Having been in and out of the studio with Eskimo Joe’s, Joel Quartermain and Sonic Lollies, Noah Shiek, Shaun has completely reconstructed a new passionate and emotional landscape of music that he performs largely on piano and vocals.

Not only does Shaun have a degree in percussion, expertise on piano and mix/masters/produces for some big names in bass music. . . He can sing.

Bring on the rest of 2017 and especially 2018; is all the Command Q guys are saying…

⌘Q, works every time.


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