Sosueme DJs


In the beginning, ‘99% genre free’ was supposed to be a challenge. The strength of the Sydney-based club night SOSUEME, which has appealed to thousands of punters for nigh on nine years now took a new attitude to nightlife behaviour, based on the founding principles of what makes ‘a kickass club gig’; there will be dancing, there will be mayhem, there will be no musical stone left unturned. How were we supposed to know that Hayden James and Hobophonics would actually take that idea and turn it into some kind of diverse, part-rocking monster? We’re so sweaty that we can’t even remember showering tonight, we’ve danced so much our shoes are falling apart and it isn’t even midnight yet.

SOSUEME DJs are the insanity of the club taken on the road. Kissing their regular partners goodbye, they embark on a blazing road of destruction, winning fans, breaking hearts, bottles and rules of appropriateness wherever they go. Don’t think you can mix Daft Punk with Montell Jordan? Is it even possible to back up Biggie Smalls with The Cure? Welcome to the badlands, where every set is a performance and every performance is the soundtrack best dream you’ve ever had while awake.

Having dispensed of huge clubs and even huger festivals alike, SOSUEME DJs are raiding the vaults and looking for their next leg-shaking target. So far they’ve brought the action to major events like Parklife, Field Day, Good Vibrations, Future Music, NYE on Sydney Harbour and Playground Weekender, as well as being asked back to Splendour In The Grass several years running. Like an Ultimate Fighting Bout for your ears, there are no rules at a SOSUEME DJ show. You might hear something incongruous, you might dance with a security guard, or on stage with the guys themselves. They don’t like folded arms and still bodies as much as they disrespect the notion that hip-hop and glam rock don’t belong in the same song. They’ve risen to the challenge, and the next one is yours. Are you in, or do we have to move your feet for you?

We thought that would be your answer…