Furnace & The Fundamentals

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Six Sydney showmen with a penchant for party covers.

It’s 2017. Bowie’s kicked the bucket. Prince’s been put to bed. Michael Jackson’s made off. In a world where so many greats will never grace our stages live ever again, where the best songs of all time have been relegated to oldies radio stations, there remains but one hope for the future.

A man. And his band. Ready to suit up, and stand in as substitutes, delivering live justice to the greatest rock and pop superstars of history….

Furnace. He’s not the music hero we deserve, but he’s the one 2017 needs.

Furnace & The Fundamentals are the nationally-renowned party band behind the larger-than-life, live music tribute show – ‘Furnapalooza’.  Their immense repertoire spans countless hits, performed with their incredible musicianship and a stunning stage presence.

Watch as Furnace rescues the Freddie Mercury that’s been trapped in the petrol station bargain bin classics compilation, and brings him back to life onstage in the most outrageous, exhilarating fashion! Furnace doesn’t stop at the dead blokes, either! Bummed that Beyonce’s too busy touring the enormo-domes of the world to make it down under? Furnace has got Bey’s every last booty-shake down.

Thousands of fans across Australia have seen Furnace earn their reputation as bona fide party starters, including show-stopping performances at Falls Festival, St Kilda Festival, Spectrum Now, NYE at Opera Bar and countless packed club shows.

Musical chameleons with a sense of humour, the band is tight, energetic and engaging. As the concert headliners that were worth lining up for, or the band that made your night, Furnace and the Fundamentals are guaranteed to leave any audience white hot!

 “I’ve seen a lot of shows in my time but Furnapalooza was the most amazing show I’ve ever seen!” – A dude who has seen Queen five times

‘Furnace & The Fundamentals have limitless, radical energy. As live showmen they’re hugely entertaining, the music they play is accessible – somehow they get the whole room dancingand singing loud enough to lift the roof off! Catch them if you can – you won’t regret it!’ – The Music.com.au